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    Why monitoring your sugar levels will lead to a happier life

    The sugar industry has quite the history in our world and its final chapter is still not complete.  We are still, to this day, completely overwhelmed by sugar in our diet and it remains a constant health struggle due to its combination of addictive qualities and toxic nature. Let’s get one thing out there right […]

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    What the heck are sleep cycles?

    Each and every night your body goes through a cycle of different depths (light vs deep) of sleep and what we call REM sleep (the deepest). We don’t stay in one particular depth for long periods, but rather CYCLE through the different levels multiple times throughout the night. A rough estimate is about 90 minutes […]

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  • maria-victoria-heredia-reyes-20883-unsplash

    The connection between post concussion symptoms and neck injury

    I have been managing head trauma for many patients over many years.  Having come from a contact sport background (rugby and hockey), I’ve personally experienced many concussions. I’ve had the headaches, the blurred vision and also some pretty serious neck pain.  There were times when everything white would change to green, and a few times […]

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