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    Benefits of walking

    When it comes to exercise, we often think that more is better and there may be some solid truth and research to back that up; however, there’s also a lot of truth and research to back up walking, and in particular, walking up hill.   Photo by Mika Matin via Unsplash I’m not a big runner.  I […]

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    2019 Goals

    Goals are pretty awesome.  It feels great when you reach them, and they can be motivating forces for getting you “off the couch” to take action. Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash Writing out your goals can also be a key element to success. There’s no doubt that goals/dreams are created in the mind but bringing those dreams […]

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    3 tips to make it through the holidays a little bit healthier

    As we head into a tough season for food, here are a couple of ideas around consumption that may be helpful during these next couple of weeks to make it to the finish line of 2018. 1) Be moderate in your sugar consumption This is the biggest challenge for me, personally.  For the most part […]

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