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    What’s the link between weather changes and headaches?

    What’s the link between the weather changing and someone experiencing headaches or migraines? One of the potential links has everything to do with pressure.  Weather changes, as we know from understanding the Barometer, create measurable pressure changes in the air.   Sometimes these changes are slow and gradual and sometimes they are very fast and intense, […]

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    A critical factor to understand if you want to lose weight

    On the topic of weight management, or losing body weight, I had an interesting conversation with someone in the office the other day.   They mentioned to me that they were interested in “dropping a few pounds” and made reference to feeling like they had put on close to 20 lbs over the past few […]

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    Chronic versus acute issues; what’s the difference?

    Chronic vs acute issues…what’s the difference? By definition, the difference is all about time. Acute issues just happened, and chronic issues have been around longer (sometimes weeks/months and sometimes even years). There can also be a level of complexity involved in some chronic issues that should be considered and recognized. As an example, if you […]

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