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Watch this short video to meet Dr. Kittleson and understand how upper cervical chiropractic care may be able to help you.


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    Why migraines may be connected to the neck

    Over the past 7 years in practice at UC Life and being an Upper Cervical Chiropractor (the Cervical spine is the neck) we see a lot of symptoms that are located in the area of the head and neck.  Makes sense! Of course there are lots of issues with the head and neck that are […]

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    How to keep momentum on your health goals for 2019

    As we finish with January and transition to February, we are at a pivotal moment for our 2019 health goals.   January tends to be a month laced with excitement and newness as we embark on our “best year ever.”  We’re inundated with positive sayings and slogans of “new year, new you” and every video on […]

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    Benefits of walking

    When it comes to exercise, we often think that more is better and there may be some solid truth and research to back that up; however, there’s also a lot of truth and research to back up walking, and in particular, walking up hill.   Photo by Mika Matin via Unsplash I’m not a big runner.  I […]

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