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    Foundation Training and the benefits of working on posture

    Posture is the daily and moment by moment battle of you holding your body weight up against gravity. This statement really hits home the need for developing a strategy so that you can win this battle, as the repercussions from losing this battle tend to be problematic (and painful!). First, we must understand that we […]

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    Numbness in the hands and feet – what’s going on?

    We hear often about numbness/tingling or loss of feeling in the hands and feet.  It’s actually something that is very common in society and truthfully, there are quite a few different reasons why this may be occurring. In reality, hand or foot numbness can be occurring from compromise that happens anywhere from the area that is […]

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    What’s the link between weather changes and headaches?

    What’s the link between the weather changing and someone experiencing headaches or migraines? One of the potential links has everything to do with pressure.  Weather changes, as we know from understanding the Barometer, create measurable pressure changes in the air.   Sometimes these changes are slow and gradual and sometimes they are very fast and intense, […]

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