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Matthew Kittleson, DC

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    The connection between post concussion symptoms and neck injury

    I have been managing head trauma for many patients over many years.  Having come from a contact sport background (rugby and hockey), I’ve personally experienced many concussions. I’ve had the headaches, the blurred vision and also some pretty serious neck pain.  There were times when everything white would change to green, and a few times […]

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    Head Injuries – mild to severe you want to take them all seriously.

    Lately I have been focused on reading a lot about brain health and the effects of trauma on the brain.  Sometimes it makes me cringe to think about the number of times that I took a hit to the head while playing rugby and never even considered coming out of the game.  I often wondered […]

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  • Post Concussion — Why aren’t I getting better?

    Concussions are a hot topic these days with many movies and news stories featuring the negative effects of head trauma. Often we think about concussions, as a hit to the head in a sporting arena or on the field of play but what really concerns us is when symptoms of the head trauma stick around […]

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