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Archive | August, 2014


Natural Headache Relief in Victoria, Canada

90% of Americans Have Headaches  A recent press release by the American Chiropractic Association, that appeared in several news outlets. The release, and several associated news articles discuss how chiropractic helps people who suffer from headaches. The ACA release begins by noting, “If you have a headache, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten Americans […]


Natural Approach for Post-concussion Syndrome in Victoria, Canada

 Chronic Headaches and Vertigo?  For years NUCCA doctors have been asking patients if they have a history of head and neck injuries including, car accidents, falls, times where they have been knocked unconscious, had a concussion or stitches to their head. Why? When accidents and injuries tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine […]


Can arthritis affect the spine?

Arthritis In the Spine  Maybe you know someone with arthritis in their hands or even their knees. But arthritis in their spine – now that might be a new one on you! Arthritis of the spine is known by several names, including osteoarthritis, degenerative joint or disc disease and subluxation degeneration. It is actually quite […]

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Can Arthritis Be Prevented?

Whiplash Leads to Accelerated Breakdown of the Spine Accidents and injuries will tear loose the ligaments and that holds the spine in place.  This will create a weakness, which will allow the spine to breakdown and lock into a stressed position.  The longer the spine is misaligned the more wearing down of the spinal joints, discs, muscles, […]

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Migraines and Panic Disorders Connected to Neck Injuries

Migraines and Panic Disorders wrote a recent article highlighting the link between migraines and panic disorders. The Mayo Clinic defines migraines as an “intense throbbing or pulsing in one area of the head, and is commonly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.” WebMD defines panic disorders as “sudden attacks […]

The importance of the neck exam following concussion

Concussion? What Your Doctor Most Likely Missed

Post Concussion Syndrome, Much More Than Just a Lingering Headache When most people think about a concussion they think of the damage that is done to the brain. MRIs, Cat Scans, x-rays and neurological exams are generally focused on the skull and brain. But persistent symptoms related to a concussion may have more to do […]