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Archive | August, 2015

Vertigo, Spinning, Dizziness

Relieving Vertigo Dizziness and Disequilibrium

The Myth of the Miracle Drug It’s easy to take medication for everything and ignore the underlying cause of the problem. The problem with that is that a person’s body can get twisted, and sometimes the only cure is to untwist it. Unfortunately, there is no miracle drug that can untwist our bodies, and what’s […]

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Exhaustion, Always Tired, Fatigue

The Facts about Fibromyalgia

Living with Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia tends to affect every aspect of a person’s life so severely that how they react to their condition often affects how they react to the people around them. That’s why it’s important for the friends and family of people suffering with this conditions to understand the pain they are experiencing.  That […]

Migraines, Headaches, Men, Upper Cervical

Understanding Migraines in Men

Men and Migraines About three times as many women experience migraines as men, but there are still plenty of men who do experience this neurological disorder. Though, just as different people experience migraines for different reasons, men often experience them for different reasons than women. The truth is that much of the risk of men […]