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Archive | November, 2018


Sleeping position – does it affect posture?

We get quite a few questions about sleeping positions and the impact sleeping has on the spine.  I think it’s important we understand one fact right off the start: when we are talking about posture and the spine, we are discussing the compressive forces of gravity as it relates to an upright position. When we […]


Headaches and the Upper Neck

Something is going on when you’re experiencing headaches.  It’s not always clear why or how they are caused, and there are lots of potential triggers out there, but continuing to search for a solution is important to figure it all out. Often times when I’ve spoken to patients that are experiencing headaches, they don’t know […]


Using healthy oils when cooking – to get some FAT content into your diet

When we dissect “macronutrients” discussing diet, we are primarily talking about protein, carbohydrate and fat. In regards to these macronutrients, there is much debate on what the balance of these should be for optimal health.  Obviously the type of diet that you follow will drastically change the amount of these macronutrients that you are eating […]