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2019 Goals


Goals are pretty awesome.  It feels great when you reach them, and they can be motivating forces for getting you “off the couch” to take action.

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Writing out your goals can also be a key element to success. There’s no doubt that goals/dreams are created in the mind but bringing those dreams into reality can be helped by physically writing them down.  This will also give you something to continually look at so that you won’t forget what you’re up to.

For your health goals, consider the need to look at it from all 3 areas of stress: physical, chemical and emotional/mental.

Physical stress 

This is a funny one, since physical stress can be a breakdown force on the body, but in the same breathe we talk about how exercise (a physical stress to the body) is good for us!  Physical stress would include exercise, starting a yoga class, therapies such as RMT or Acupuncture or even Upper Cervical care such as in our office.  Posture should also be considered in this category as GRAVITY is a MAJOR physical stress to the body!

Consider what you may be doing well in regards to your physical fitness and what you may want to improve as this new year begins.

Chemical Stress

Chemical stress is all about what we’re putting in our bodies.  Diet (of course), hydration levels, sugar and toxic foods (yes, there are many of these readily available at your local supermarket) all need to be considered.

I’m going to give you a hint about this category….IT’S A BIG ONE!

So many people have health goals that include body weight and fat loss.  I can’t stress enough that diet, sugar levels, and the amount of food you’re eating, WILL be the deciding factor on hitting most goals related to losing body fat.  Check out the book Primal Fat Burner by Nora Gedgaudas, I highly recommend this book for considerations around diet.  It’s not the be-all end-all, but it reflects a lot of my views around dieting at this point.

Another book and program that I believe is on point is the Metabolic Makeover by Stephen Cherniske and Dr Natalie Kather. In the book they promote a low carbohydrate diet while addressing exercise, common food myths, and the specific nutrients that act as “metabolic modifiers,” making losing weight and building muscle much easier.

There is a local Victoria team of health professionals (Nutritionists, etc) who are using this protocol with clients over a 90 day period and seeing great results. You can check out their program here. We also sell two of the products in the program at the UC Life Clinic: Xtra Concentrate and Aloe Select.

Emotional/Mental stress 

is a huge category for consideration, but it is often overlooked in health.  The western world is “discovering” (which has been known for hundreds if not thousands of years by other practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine), that actually WORKING on your mental health is a good idea.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately and have been realizing that managing mental health is no different than managing physical or chemical stress.

We typically will make a workout plan, we’ll see our RMT’s or Chiropractors and we’ll read books and articles about diet and how to manage calories or what the macro breakdown is for food.  All of this is typically not common knowledge, we have to learn HOW to exercise and WHAT foods to choose and to stay away from.

Mental health is no different, no need to study it and learn WHAT to do to work on mental health.  A nice starting point that I have discovered is through meditation apps.  One that I have enjoyed is an app called Headspace, which is a guided mediation from a very real person.  You can meet the creator of Headspace by watching a Ted Talk that he created here.

All in all, here’s to 2019.  Don’t shy away from the New Year’s resolution idea.  Embrace it, you’ve made it to January and it is a catalyst for change.  

Photo: Danielle Macinnes via Unsplash


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