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A critical factor to understand if you want to lose weight

On the topic of weight management, or losing body weight, I had an interesting conversation with someone in the office the other day.
They mentioned to me that they were interested in “dropping a few pounds” and made reference to feeling like they had put on close to 20 lbs over the past few years and that they wanted to get the weight off.
Right away I was concerned with the direction that the conversation was going because they told me that they were “running on a treadmill to get the weight off”.
Now let’s be clear, running on a treadmill is fine. I don’t do it, but if people want to use a treadmill as a way to increase their activity that is great. I think it’s important to understand that their success in achieving THEIR goals of losing body fat is going to be much more impacted by their diet than the time spent running.
Here’s a dilemma to consider:
Stored body fat is not automatically accessible just because you burn more calories with activity. Fat storage is only accessible for energy use IF YOU MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE and that is a biochemistry/physiology concept that will be dictated by one particular variable more than anything else in the body, and that variable is INSULIN.
Insulin is a hormone released in the body when sugar levels are high in the blood stream as a way to get the sugar out of the blood (because it’s toxic). Where does it put that sugar? It converts it to fat and stores it in the exact places that most of us don’t want it.
The dilemma is this: IF you are consuming sugar and insulin is high in the blood stream, you are going to be storing fat, regardless of your desire to use and ultimately lose body fat despite your work out.
One of the most unfortunate situations one could see would be to observe someone running on a treadmill while drinking a sugary “energy drink.”
It’s a impossibility to lose body fat while consuming sugar.
I bring this up in an attempt to help people eliminate frustration around their goals. If you want to lose body fat you need to learn how to make that body fat accessible.
Diet is the answer, and my personal opinion is that controlling sugar intake is the #1 first step to success.
A couple of books to consider:
The Primal Fat Burner – Nora Gedgaudas
The Keto Reset Diet – Mark Sisson
Both of these books outline why and what it looks like to convert from a high sugar diet (which is 90%
of people currently) to a low sugar diet.
It includes understanding carbohydrates and making wise choices with your diet to put you into a fat adapted physiology where your body will naturally and EASILY use fat stores for energy rather than the sugar from your last meal.
Trust me, it’s not easy but it’s very effective. If you’re up for the challenge, I’m here to help. Get the books, give them a read, let me know how I can help you hit those goals.