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Set your day up for success

As I’ve mentioned in some past blogs related to sugar content and fasting: what you consume in the morning dictates what happens biochemically in your body for the first half of your day. I’m very interested in fasting and maintaining a low sugar (and consequently low insulin) level to keep a fasted state going for […]


Sleeping positions: what’s the right answer?!

Some of you are going to read this and not be thrilled by my lack of response and opinion on sleeping positions… The reality for me, is that sleeping position and the devices that you use (pillows, mattresses etc) need to drive towards comfort rather than towards a particular product. Therefore, I don’t professionally recommend […]


How to keep momentum on your health goals for 2019

As we finish with January and transition to February, we are at a pivotal moment for our 2019 health goals.   January tends to be a month laced with excitement and newness as we embark on our “best year ever.”  We’re inundated with positive sayings and slogans of “new year, new you” and every video on […]


Benefits of walking

When it comes to exercise, we often think that more is better and there may be some solid truth and research to back that up; however, there’s also a lot of truth and research to back up walking, and in particular, walking up hill.   Photo by Mika Matin via Unsplash I’m not a big runner.  I […]


2019 Goals

Goals are pretty awesome.  It feels great when you reach them, and they can be motivating forces for getting you “off the couch” to take action. Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash Writing out your goals can also be a key element to success. There’s no doubt that goals/dreams are created in the mind but bringing those dreams […]


Sleeping position – does it affect posture?

We get quite a few questions about sleeping positions and the impact sleeping has on the spine.  I think it’s important we understand one fact right off the start: when we are talking about posture and the spine, we are discussing the compressive forces of gravity as it relates to an upright position. When we […]


Headaches and the Upper Neck

Something is going on when you’re experiencing headaches.  It’s not always clear why or how they are caused, and there are lots of potential triggers out there, but continuing to search for a solution is important to figure it all out. Often times when I’ve spoken to patients that are experiencing headaches, they don’t know […]