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Gravity – Friend or Foe?

Gravity is something that is constantly around us.  First discussed in the middle to late years of the 1600’s, gravity has become a law, which basically means that there is no way around it! (more…)

Migraines, a Secondary Health Issue

Cause and effect is a simple concept to understand.  If I take a hammer, swing it at a nail and miss, hitting my thumb instead…ouch, it’s going to hurt! The pain in the thumb is an effect of hitting it with a hammer.  (more…)

Sitting vs Standing

A Facebook post that happened to reach my wall the other day read: “Sitting will be this generation’s smoking”.  Smoking?  But that’s REALLY dangerous! Sitting is something that we do all the time.  And we’ve always been sitting like this in that past, right?… RIGHT??? Well, not really.  The comment relating smoking to sitting is based […]

The Power of a Wave

How many different ways can you picture a wave? A powerful phenomenon of nature as the ocean crashes into the shoreline… A gentle ripple in the water from a duck swimming across a pond in the park… (more…)


“I think that it might be related to stress…” We hear this a lot.  If the question at hand surrounding your health, has anything to do with wondering if stress plays a role… Yes.  The answer is yes.  (more…)