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Post Concussion — Why aren’t I getting better?

Concussions are a hot topic these days with many movies and news stories featuring the negative effects of head trauma. Often we think about concussions, as a hit to the head in a sporting arena or on the field of play but what really concerns us is when symptoms of the head trauma stick around […]


A few Univera additions to your morning routine

Starting in the month of September, UC Life Chiropractic Centre began carrying a few essentials from the Univera supplement line of products. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you.  The reality of the human body is that although considerations to the frame are very important and your upper cervical adjustment is vital, we cannot truly be […]

The importance of the neck exam following concussion

Chronic neck pain

When experiencing chronic neck pain, we are frustrated and wonder just why won’t my neck muscles heal up and stop hurting? Sometimes it would appear that inflammation is the problem, because we’ve been told that inflammation is a bad thing.  But there’s more going on than that. When talking about pain and inflammation, we are […]


Supplement Essentials

In an ideal world, we all get the proper nutrients that the body needs and we just don’t have any concerns or issues with food and digestion. Unfortunately, we are running into a problem with food quality, and we’ve got to take steps to try and increase our ability to eat the right foods and […]

donuts in multicolored glaze close-up

Sugar, is it really that bad?

In short, yes.  Sugar really is that bad. Sugar is a major factor in most people’s health issues. Regardless of if you are talking about obesity, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, energy levels, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s (the list goes on and on), your diet should be a top consideration.  One thing that […]



Happiness seems to be an internal trait.  It would appear that superficial or material goods, although they can bring happiness to a life, don’t always have that special something, to sustain happiness in the long term. Perhaps it’s because the latest purchase gets old and needs to be replaced or maybe it’s because it doesn’t […]

water and your health

Hydration: How relevant is water to your health?

They say that the human body can go 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. The human body is made of anywhere from 55% to 65% water, based on your sex and age. Seems pretty important.  I think that many of us take hydration for granted simply because, water seems to be […]

Young Businesswoman Suffering From Backache In Office

How’s Your Posture?

Posture – we’ve all heard about it, and yes it’s important. But did you know that there are two components to posture?  One that is controlled by you and one that is controlled for you! Our nervous systems have two main offices.  The first is one that we consciously control and the second is controlled […]