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Dr Ankur Tayal, DC, uses the NUCCA procedure, a specific Upper Cervical technique used to align the spine and restore brain and body balance.

He was happily practicing in Ontario when he answered the call to move to Victoria from his friend Dr Kittleson and the allure of the island got the best of him.

He brings with him an excitement for teaching, learning and fostering a sense of community.

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Dr Matty

Dr Matthew Kittleson, DC, practices the NUCCA Procedure to help promote wellness and balance in his patients.

While studying at Life Chiropractic College West, one of the top schools in the world to teach the NUCCA Procedure, he fell in love with the deeply rooted philosophy of Chiropractic.

Seeing nature reveal itself through health and vitality, he immediately saw the link between chiropractic, the nervous system and optimal health, then chose to bring his work to Victoria.

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