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Easing the Tension of Migraine Pain


Migraines, Headaches, Migraine, HeadacheHeadaches are classically known for the amount of tension and pain they bring to the head and neck. One of the common kinds of headaches is even called a tension headache. There are many causes of headaches; the most common mechanisms are the involvement of the muscles in the neck and blood flow to the brain.

What you should know about migraines

It is estimated that 5% of the population suffer from daily headaches. Of that 5%, it is estimated that half of them experience the more severe migraine, which includes symptoms such as light and sound sensitivity, seeing auras, and smelling odors. A migraine is a very complicated condition that is different in each individual patient, and many providers have differing opinions on the best method of treatment.

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Taking a different look

One doctor at Tufts University is focusing on one aspect of the condition that he says isn’t getting any attention. The musculature of the neck has a huge influence and is a recognized cause of certain types of migraines. The theory is that muscles cause the pain by way of expanded blood vessels.(1) The method that is recommended to treat this migraine is botox injections that cause the muscles to shut down. This provides some short-term relief but does not address the problem.

Taking a new look at migraines is a refreshing trend, but many people want natural relief opposed to invasive treatments. As an office that specializes in migraine relief, it is crucial to recognize the importance of muscles. Here at UC Life Chiropractic Centre, we are upper cervical chiropractors who focus on the top bone in the neck known as the atlas bone. When the atlas becomes misaligned, it affects the muscles in the whole neck. Also, when the atlas is misaligned, one side of the atlas bone will have tighter muscles on that side of the neck.

By carefully evaluating each patient, we can precisely locate the misalignment unique to each person. Each patient gets an adjustment unique to their condition, and when the atlas is back in proper alignment, the muscles can return to symmetrical lengths, alleviating tension. Research has shown that upper cervical chiropractic is effective for treating migraines in as little as one adjustment.(2)


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