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Gravity – Friend or Foe?


Gravity is something that is constantly around us.  First discussed in the middle to late years of the 1600’s, gravity has become a law, which basically means that there is no way around it!

At this point in history, we now have reason to suspect that for small objects (microscopic and even smaller in nature), gravity may not apply in the exact ways that Sir Isaak Newton postulated.  But for the basis of this discussion, of larger objects (human body), we will talk about the effects of the law of gravity as it is described by Newton.

Gravity is directional.  It’s straight down to the centre of the earth.  It’s the reason that a plum bob exists and the reason that there is a tool like the level.  We can understand that an object dropped from a distance away from the ground, will fall directly down to the floor.



The human body is no different.  When we jump, we land back on the ground.  The one thing that we often forget, is that the same ‘pull’ of gravity that brings us back to the ground after jumping does not turn on and off when we jump.  It is constantly keeping us pulled down towards the ground when we are standing, sitting or laying down.

As talked about in a previous blog (Sitting vs. Standing) we understand that there can be negative effects on the human body if we are to consistently and constantly remain in a particular position for extended periods of time.

It makes sense that if I were to hand someone a bag of groceries (or a bowling ball for that matter) and ask them to consistently and constantly hold it only in their right hand for a long period of time (let’s think a week or two), we could understand how that off balanced position that the body would have to take to hold up that extra weight would be problematic.


Likely, we would feel a lot of muscle and joint pain.  Likely we would want to change hands holding the weight or even put the weight down to try and balance out the load or drop it completely to get back to an even balance of the body.  Here is the interesting thing…

The “bowling ball” that each and everyone of us has at the top of the neck (our HEADS!) act in the very same manner as the example above if it is NOT positioned balanced over the neck.

On a daily basis, we work with people that do not have their head and neck positioned in an upright balanced position and therefore are consistently and constantly carrying an imbalanced load on their bodies and they are trying to bring themselves back into balance.  We see this through the twisting mechanism that the body goes through by raising a shoulder and lowering a hip, standing with more weight on one leg than the other and ultimately TWISTING their bodies up into a contorted position in an attempt to balance things.


If left for a long period of time (and for this example, let’s think even longer than the bag of groceries and let’s think about years if not DECADES), these folks are going to experience the breakdown of the body.

It’s as simple as that.

Head position away from the midline of the body, produces a contortion within the body that begins to have effect at the muscles that try to pull and balance the head and ultimately end up in bigger and more serious health issues as it relates to blood flow and neurological flow.

Can’t figure out why you just can’t seem to get over chronic health issues?  It’s time to check and see if you are dealing with a structural issue of the head and neck.  It’s time to see if you’ve got your head on straight!

So gravity, friend or foe?  It’s absolutely necessary.  We need to be in gravity to be human.  But if we’re not balanced… we’ll be feeling the effects.

Remember, we always do a free consultation to give you an idea of where your body is positioned.  We look forward to talking with you.


UC Life Team