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Headaches and the Upper Neck


Something is going on when you’re experiencing headaches.  It’s not always clear why or how they are caused, and there are lots of potential triggers out there, but continuing to search for a solution is important to figure it all out.
Often times when I’ve spoken to patients that are experiencing headaches, they don’t know what it is that’s causing them.

In our office we consider posture and the position of the head and neck as an area that needs to be looked at.

Consider this, if you don’t have proper alignment of the head and neck there will be tension and pressure in both the soft tissues of the neck, but also internally in the sensitive tissues of the spinal canal and with the fluids that flow up and down the neck into and out of the head.

One of the main concerns with upper neck misalignment is that it changes the flow patterns of fluids.  Have you ever considered that your headaches might be pressure based?  We find that it often has to do with fluids not being able to flow smoothly out of the head, and consequently, the head becomes over filled with fluids creating a true pressure sensation.

Now, this is purely speculative as we don’t have the ability to measure internal pressure inside the skull, but what we do know is that patients report changes in the pressure that they feel when the alignment of the head and neck is restored.

There’s always a trial period to see how your body reacts to any changes that you make to it.  If you suspected that diet was a trigger for your headaches, you could eliminate particular foods and see what happens once you remove them from your diet.  So too, is the process with the upper neck.  When misalignment exists, making a solid correction that resets the postural position of the spine will give us the chance to see what happens internally and if there is going to be a change in your headache situation.

We’re very passionate about helping find solutions to headaches at UC Life.  We would love to hear your story and have planned a discussion night on headaches at the office.  Please join us, and we’ll see if we can’t get to the bottom of this.

Next scheduled talk is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29th @ 6pm
Location: UC Life Chiropractic Centre (Downtown Victoria)

Please call the office to reserve your seat.  There is no cost to attend, and we look forward to meeting you.