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Upper Cervical Care specifically focuses on the top two vertebral bones of the spine
and how their potential misalignment can interfere with the nervous system


We see the need to reconnect with nature. We see the need for a sustainable model of healthcare that uses a natural method to drive health and healing. We see the deficiencies in the current model of healthcare delivery and, most importantly, we see the opportunity to bring a new way of approaching health in our community.

Our vision provides a solutions for our community. We want to teach people about where health comes from and how we can be healthy safely and naturally, for the long-term. A proactive, health conscious community that is continually evolving towards wholeness, health and vitality, is our vision.

UC Life Chiropractic Centre
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Watch as Dr. Matthew Kittleson explains our unique approach.

Our nervous system controls various aspects of our health. Good health requires a healthy nervous system.  Proper structure dictates optimal function.

When the upper cervical misalignment causes an imbalance in the nervous system, the body cannot function at 100% and, consequently, breaks down sooner and faster than it should.

NUCCA restores balance by correcting the misalignment in the Upper Cervical spine, allowing your nervous system to once again communicate with the body. With 100% communication restored, the body is able to recognize and fix problems more effectively and be better prepared for the future.

This is true health.


“When interference is removed and the body has a chance to heal, your natural instinct to be healthy is restored”