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How to keep momentum on your health goals for 2019


As we finish with January and transition to February, we are at a pivotal moment for our 2019 health goals.  

January tends to be a month laced with excitement and newness as we embark on our “best year ever.”  We’re inundated with positive sayings and slogans of “new year, new you” and every video on Facebook is another program available that will support you in achieving your health goals.

As many of you are finding out or have discovered, the real challenge is consistency and hard work.  It involves a mindset that wants to achieve your goals and therefore puts you into action to get out of bed, to get to the gym and to choose wisely when grocery shopping so you can stick to your eating plans.

IT’S NOT EASY.  Here are a few things that help me stay on it:

Photo by Meghan Holmes via Unsplash

1) Look for gains

If you’re trying to change your body with muscle growth or fat loss, take pictures or measurements so that you can compare.  Get excited about the smallest change in physique.  Remember it’s going to take months to potentially get where you want to be, but with one month down you may be surprised at what’s changing.

2) Understand that “normal” leads to sickness

If you act and behave like the average person around you, you will end up right where they are.  “Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t make it right,” is a saying that comes to mind, however I change it in my mind to read “because everyone is doing it, it can’t be right.”

 Working out regularly, eating a proper/healthy diet, sleeping through the night, managing mental stress, are all signs of health that if you do well, would put you in the top % of health in BC. 

You want to be unique!

Photo by Taylor Kiser via Unsplash

3) Understand the alternative

There’s joy on the other side of all the work that needs to happen to have health, but at the same time, there is a lot of unhappiness when people lose their health.  Realize that when you meet someone who is in the later stages of life and dealing with a lot of health challenges, it is highly likely that their lack of wellness is a reflection of poor choices over the past many decades.  They were in charge of their health all along, they just didn’t know it, or didn’t take action. 

We must be responsible for our own health.

I think we all know where we are going to end up at the end of our lifetime.  The goal is to limit the breakdown of the body along the way and do as much as possible to help with rebuilding any damaged tissues.  

If you are struggling with starting or maintaining a healthy routine involving movement and dietary changes, first of all know that you are certainly not alone in this struggle. Many people deal with various obstacles to making these necessary changes. If you’ve been trying, and not getting results, perhaps its time to get some help in those areas? While we can certainly look after your alignment and body structure here at UC Life, the changes you make in other areas of your health are just as important.

A protocol that we have seen to be effective comes from the book The Metabolic Makeover by Stephen Cherniske and Dr Natalie Kather. They promote a low carbohydrate diet along with exercise, but they start by encouraging people to supplement with specific nutrients that act as “metabolic modifiers.” By addressing metabolic issues first, the process of changing one’s diet and getting to the gym becomes easier, more effective AND more enjoyable. (Imagine that!)

There is a local Victoria team of health professionals (Nutritionists, etc) who are using this protocol with clients over a 90 day period and seeing great results. You can check out their program here. We also sell two of the products in the program at the UC Life Clinic: Xtra Concentrate and Aloe Select.

All the best with your 2019 goals, and please leave a comment here if you have any questions or give us a call at the clinic.


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