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Migraines and Athletes – Pt 2

Athletes, Migraines, Upper CervicalLast week, we looked at a couple of different migraines that athletes may suffer from . This week, we’ll look at a couple of others that may be the cause of the pain and suffering of athletes all over the world.

Trauma Triggered Migraine

These are seen in children, adolescents, and young adults. They occur because of a temporary disturbance to brain function because of a mild blow to the head. Attacks usually begin with visual disturbances, such as temporary blindness, and changes in levels of consciousness. They’ll usually begin one to ten minutes after the blow to the head, and they usually resolve up to 24 hours later.

After this, a severe headache, nausea, and vomiting will follow. These types of migraines have been reported due to soccer, football, volleyball, and wrestling. They also occur more often in body and young men, but the trigger is trauma.

Post-traumatic migraine

These migraines imply a new type of migraine after the headache. They are are usually due to the trauma meaning there were no signs of headaches before the trauma took place. It is believed this type of migraine changes the brain function and structure, thus leading to the headache.

This type of migraine can result from even a minor blow to the head, including those with a basketball or volleyball. These abrasions can result in migraine headaches, tension type headaches, or daily headaches with varying degrees of migraines like symptoms.

Overcoming Migraines

Many times, migraines in athletes can be traced back to a sports-related injury that led to the breaking down of the spine. That’s because connective tissue holds the spine in place, but a hard enough hit can tear it loose and lead to the breaking down of the spine. That usually begins in the upper neck, with the misalignment of the upper cervical spine, and can cause a change to a person’s posture, flow of cerebral spinal fluid, and cerebral blood and nerve flow.

Though, the good news is all of this can be reversed by realigning the top two vertebrae in the upper neck. This realignment will allow the body to begin to heal itself, by restoring the flow of blood and other fluids throughout the body.

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