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Migraines, Headaches, Treatment Options, Natural Relief, Headache. MigraineMigraines are extremely debilitating, as you know if you have ever had one. What are some ways you can get relief? Common treatments are Zomig, Maxalt, Imitrex, Relpax, and upper cervical care.

The first four mentioned above are all prescription medications given to migraine sufferers. They are also widely accepted treatments by those in the medical field. However, these medications are very costly and can cause many negative side effects, including:

  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Throat, jaw, and neck pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Tingling, burning, or other abnormal sensations
  • Weakness
  • Nausea

We also mentioned a fifth treatment. What exactly is upper cervical care? It is care that focuses on not just covering up the pain or numbing it, as many treatments do. Rather, it works by eliminating the migraine by correcting a common cause.  Upper cervical specialists, such as the doctors at UC Life Chiropractic Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, have helped thousands of patients reduce the intensity and frequency of their headaches.

The Journal of American Medical Association once stated, “Headaches are not headaches at all but really a pain in the neck.” (Seletz E. Whiplash Injuries. JAMA, 1958; 168(13):1750-1755) So, why are most treatments trying to numb the head?

The upper cervical area of the neck (C1, C2) is much more susceptible to injury than the rest of the spine. There has been a link found between migraines and misalignments of the neck area. Upper cervical chiropractors are able to gently and safely address this underlying issue. A major factor in migraines has to do with the flow of blood to the brain, or more correctly, the improper flow of blood and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) to and from the brain. When MRI’s are taken of people who have been treated by upper cervical specialists, there is much improvement after treatment when it comes to blood flow and CFS. So, not only are people feeling better, but their health is improving because the underlying cause is being corrected and reversed.

As you can see, there is scientific proof that upper cervical care works. Only a small group of doctors are trained in this specialized procedure. In your area, the doctors at UC Life Chiropractic Centre are waiting to help you improve your life quality today!

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines download our complimentary e-book Natural and Drug-Free Ways to End Your Migraines by clicking the image below.


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