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How to keep momentum on your health goals for 2019

As we finish with January and transition to February, we are at a pivotal moment for our 2019 health goals.   January tends to be a month laced with excitement and newness as we embark on our “best year ever.”  We’re inundated with positive sayings and slogans of “new year, new you” and every video on […]


2019 Goals

Goals are pretty awesome.  It feels great when you reach them, and they can be motivating forces for getting you “off the couch” to take action. Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash Writing out your goals can also be a key element to success. There’s no doubt that goals/dreams are created in the mind but bringing those dreams […]


Using healthy oils when cooking – to get some FAT content into your diet

When we dissect “macronutrients” discussing diet, we are primarily talking about protein, carbohydrate and fat. In regards to these macronutrients, there is much debate on what the balance of these should be for optimal health.  Obviously the type of diet that you follow will drastically change the amount of these macronutrients that you are eating […]