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The importance of the neck exam following concussion

Chronic neck pain

When experiencing chronic neck pain, we are frustrated and wonder just why won’t my neck muscles heal up and stop hurting? Sometimes it would appear that inflammation is the problem, because we’ve been told that inflammation is a bad thing.  But there’s more going on than that. When talking about pain and inflammation, we are […]

Migraine, Headache, Neck Pain

Victoria Migraine Relief and More

Head and Neck Trauma There is increasing evidence, according to recent research by the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Group that head and neck trauma can cause migraine headaches and vertigo. It was yet more research conducted using an MRI that showed the amount of problems a misalignment in the upper neck vertebrae can cause. In […]

Neck Pain, Anxiety

Can Neck Pain Cause Anxiety?

Neck Pain and Anxiety There is a  debate in the public and in the medical community as to whether neck pain can cause anxiety or does the anxiety cause the neck pain.   From our experience we would say that it’s a little bit of both.   Frequently though a patient will have a head or neck […]


Neck Surgery – Knowing the Facts First

Risks of Neck Surgery  Neck surgery is usually considered if the patient has experienced an injury or has other serious health issues that can include narrow blood vessels, thyroid problems or severe osteoarthritis. Neck surgery is a concern when it comes to treating neck pain because there are many fragile structures in the neck that, […]

What Causes Muscle Knots in the Neck?

Muscle Knots in the Neck  You know that sharp pain you get in your neck sometimes when you turn your head too fast, or following an intense, weight training session? How about those stress headaches that end up causing the muscles in your neck to tighten up, making your shoulders feel hunched? Talk about irritating! […]