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A few Univera additions to your morning routine


Starting in the month of September, UC Life Chiropractic Centre began carrying a few essentials from the Univera supplement line of products.

Why, you ask?

I’ll tell you.  The reality of the human body is that although considerations to the frame are very important and your upper cervical adjustment is vital, we cannot truly be healthy without taking into consideration what we are putting into our bodies.

We have spent some time, and will spend more in the future talking about dietary ideals (especially around the ideas of Ketosis…stay tuned), but we also need to consider supplementation of our diet and that is where Univera comes in.

Why Univera?

I trust them.  That’s basically it.  I have met the man that designed the products, and I’ve met the owner.  They are smart and they care.  They do things the right way and the put out a product that you can stand behind.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – This is an essential part of anyone’s considerations when it comes to controlling inflammation as well as brain health.  I take two of these every morning.  When talking about Omega 3’s, the source of the fish oils is everything.  These oils are from safe sources with considerations to the type of fish related to toxicity (such as mercury build up in fish).  One bottle is approximately a 45 day supply and costs only $35.

Aloe Vera – This is a staple from Univera.  The story of Univera and its relationship to the Aloe plant is remarkable, but let’s just say that Univera’s sister company AloeCorp grows over 40% of the WORLD’S ALOE VERA!  Also, the product that we now carry has been grown, harvested, processed, packaged and delivered by Univera to our office.  It does not get any more PURE than that.  A one month supply is $40; I take 1 oz. every morning. Those with more serious gastrointestinal issues can benefit from taking 2 oz or more per day to heal their GI tract.

Xtra – This is a well-rounded, fully loaded energy concentrate from Univera. Xtra is the perfect combination of plant extracts, vitamins, berry concentrates and all around goodness to start your day. Xtra helps your body create energy at the cellular level; it supports brain function (focus, mental clarity), eases joint discomfort, and helps the body manage stress.  It’s a wonderful product, easy to take and easy for your body to absorb.  I probably take 2 oz. a day of this concentrate.  One bottle tends to be a month supply and costs $65 (it is designed to be diluted in water).

Come on in and give them a try.  There’s nothing more exciting than the snowball effect of momentum when it comes to your health.  If the ball is rolling, keep it rolling in the right direction and make sure that you are getting what your body needs to keep building healthy cells!


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