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What’s the link between weather changes and headaches?


What’s the link between the weather changing and someone experiencing headaches or migraines?

One of the potential links has everything to do with pressure.  Weather changes, as we know from understanding the Barometer, create measurable pressure changes in the air.   Sometimes these changes are slow and gradual and sometimes they are very fast and intense, all of which can change the way that we feel these changes in our bodies.

Our bodies are built to handle these pressure changes, but sometimes you will meet people that struggle with pressure changes (especially involving the head).  There are many people out there that can predict a weather change coming due to a headache starting, or other people that would never consider going scuba diving because they would not be able to equalize the pressure in their head while going underwater.

One thing that we know about pressure is that when it increases it expands.  Part of the reason that the head is an area that we feel pressure changes is because the head has a fluid system (blood and Cerebral Spinal Fluid) that is very much affected by expansion with pressure, as well as a hard outer shell (skull) that can’t expand to handle the increased space needed.

Why is it that two people could be standing side by side when a weather system comes rolling in and feel very different pressure symptoms in the head?  It has a lot to do with your anatomy as well as the openings that allow for the smooth passage of fluids in and out of the head.

From our view point as a clinic, it’s very easy to understand and assess posture and alignment in regards to head and neck positioning.  We need to know just how well your body is positioned and if there is room for improvement in alignment.

We can take a look and let you know.