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About Dr. Matthew Kittleson

UCLife Dr. Matty Kittleson

Dr. Matthew Kittleson (Matty) first opened UC Life Chiropractic Centre with his long time friend and colleague Dr. Ankur Tayal in April of 2012. 

He took a year’s sabbatical in 2022, when Dr. Lee took over ownership and operations of UC Life. Matty and his family are so happy to be back in Victoria with the community where it all began.

The philosophy of Chiropractic and the delicate but powerful upper cervical work has always been the inspiration and blueprint for Matty and UC Life. 

“NUCCA just makes a lot of sense.  The natural tendency for the body in an upright position is to balance the head and neck.  Until we actually have a balanced head and neck, we will always see compensations of twists and tilts in the spine.  This is the reason that we go directly to the upper neck:  To ensure the head is balanced, and allow our patients to experience the true nature of a balanced posture.”

Matty’s has 2 other focuses in health. These are:

  • Diet as it relates to sugar consumption, and
  • Full body exercise for strength and endurance.

Outside of healthcare, Matty loves music, woodworking and golf.  He is married to Aimee, and spending time with their 2 1/2 year old boy Teddy was the reason for his sabbatical in 2022.  Currently Dr. Kittleson is operating on part time hours as he continues to enjoy his Dad duties with Teddy.