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Is NUCCA Chiropractic For You?

If you answer yes to ANY of the following 10 questions, you will most likely benefit from an upper cervical spinal (NUCCA) correction.

1. Do you experience persistent or recurrent neck or upper back pain?
This may include:

  • pain, numbness or tingling that radiates to the arms, hands, or head
  • chronic headaches
  • knots under your shoulder blades
  • a decreased range of motion in your neck

2. Do you experience persistent or recurrent low back pain, or pain in the hips?
This may include:

  • pain, numbness or tingling that radiates to your legs, feet or groin
  • pain in your knees
  • less flexibility in your back

3. During your life, have you had a bad fall, accident or injury that may have caused damage to your spine?

4. Are you aware of having one leg shorter than the other, tilted hips or shoulders or a persistent tilt of your skull?

5. Have you missed time at work or given up hobbies because they result in back pain?

6. Do you have a limited range of motion due to back or neck stiffness?

7. Have you ever been diagnosed with spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, or calcium spurring of the spine?

8. Have you been diagnosed with or experienced the following health challenges that may stem from spinal misalignment?

  • Heartburn
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable bowel
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Occipital neuralgia
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Herniated discs
  • Colic
  • Costochondritis

9. Do you crack your own neck or back for relief?

10. Have you had spinal pain for longer than one week, or experienced more than one episode of neck pain in a year?

Dr. Lee will ask you a few questions about your health, lifestyle and goals and provide you with information to determine if NUCCA is appropriate for you.

She will perform an initial exam, which may include x-rays that she will use to determine the specific measurements required for your ongoing treatment. She will then discuss the results with you and outline a personal care plan, including costs and payment options.

Dr. Lee will position you on your side on the adjustment table and will then use a light pressure, much like taking a pulse, on the side of your neck. She’ll have you remain in this position for a few minutes to allow the spine to respond. Then she will take measurements again to ensure the alignment of your spine was successful.

After treatment you may experience some soreness or tenderness as your muscles adapt to the change in your alignment.

You should be mindful of head movement such as side-bending, looking up or reaching for about 24 hours after treatment. Treat yourself with care and allow your body to settle into its correct alignment.

Focusing on your posture, lifting the ribs to create a natural curve in your lower back, helps bring the head backward into its proper position. This will assist your body in holding the adjustment.

Initially Dr. Lee may ask you to come in for further adjustments on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on your specific needs.

At each follow-up appointment she will measure the alignment of your skull, spine, shoulders, pelvis and leg lengths to determine if an adjustment is needed or not.

As your spine is able to hold the adjustment for longer periods, Dr. Lee will adjust the timeline between your appointments.

How often you require adjustments will depend on your individual needs. Dr. Lee will work with you to determine what you need.

After going through two shoulder surgeries and breaking my back due to a ladder accident, I’m in a lot of pain. My recovery was difficult and I was left with a permanent crush injury to my T7.

Dr Lee, my NUCCA upper cervical chiropractor, has helped me greatly with her neck adjustments. My body is quite sore, so I have found the neck adjustments to be both gentle and helpful.

Dr Lee has consistently helped me with my ongoing flexibility/mobility issues as well as the pain in my upper and lower back.

Without the upper cervical adjustments, my quality of life would be severely impacted.

I highly recommend Dr. Lee for any injuries or spinal pain because her alignment technique is highly effective and helps the body heal itself. An aligned spine is the key to healing.
Richard N