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There are 2 things I love about NUCCA. First, how gentle the adjustments are. Second, each time I visit, Dr. Lee checks my measurements. If everything is aligned, no adjustment is needed. If not, she works her magic. I am able to hold the alignment for longer now and usually only need a few adjustments per year. Proof that this type of chiropractic treatment really works.

Kara F.

What makes NUCCA different?

Watch this 3 minute video to learn what makes NUCCA different from other forms of chiropractic. Afraid of chiropractors? Haven’t had success with other forms of therapy? Hear what others are saying about their experience with NUCCA.

Dr. Franchesca Lee

Dr. Franchesca Lee

Dr. Lee is the current owner of UC Life Chiropractic Centre in Victoria BC. She has her own story about how NUCCA Chiropractic helped her recover after a number of car accidents… and changed the way she practices chiropractic.

Dr. Matthew Kittleson

UCLife Dr. Matty Kittleson

After founding UC Life Chiropractic Centre in 2012, Dr. Kittleson took a sabbatical to enjoy time with his growing family.

He has now returned to the Centre on a part time basis.

Barbara Foreman

UC Life Team - Barbara Foreman

Barbara, UC Life’s office manager, came to the Center in October of 2020. With a lifelong interest in maintaining health through nutrition, exercise and the joy of life, Barbara has also used chiropractic treatments throughout her adult life to stay healthy.