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UC Life Chiropractic Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

UC Life Chiropractic

UC Life Chiropractic Answers Your FAQs

If you have a question we haven’t answered, please feel free to call or email UC Life Chiropractic. Our contact links are at the top of the page and in the footer below.

Will my health insurance cover chiropractic care?

  • It is likely that your extended health insurance plan will cover chiropractic treatments, however you should confirm this with your provider.
  • We are usually able to directly bill your provider but if not, we will provide the information you need for reimbursement.

I have an ICBC claim, do you direct bill to ICBC?

  • Yes. We will need you to provide your claim number and Personal Health Number. ICBC covers most of the costs associated with NUCCA care, but if you have specific questions about ICBC coverage, please contact us.

Can children benefit from NUCCA care?

  • Yes, young children and teenagers can also benefit from NUCCA realignment. Depending on the complexity of treatment, children under 10 may not require x-rays.

Below are a number of resources where you can find more information about NUCCA and its benefits.

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