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UC Life Chiropractic Team

Meet the UC Life Chiropractic Team

Currently, the UC Life Chiropractic Team includes Dr. Franchesca Lee, Dr. Matthew Kittleson and Barbara Foreman.

UC Life Centre Team - Dr. Franchesca Lee
Dr. Franchesca Lee

Chiropractor and owner of UC Life Chiropractic
Learn more about Dr. Lee.

UC Life Team Dr. Matty Kittleson & family
Dr. Matthew Kittleson

Chiropractor and founder of UC Life Chiropractic.
Learn more about Dr. Kittleson.

UC Life Team - Barbara Foreman
Barbara Foreman, Office Manager

Barbara came to UC Life in October of 2020. With a lifelong interest in maintaining health through nutrition, exercise and the joy of life. Barbara has also used chiropractic treatments throughout her adult life to stay healthy. She experienced the exceptional benefits of NUCCA chiropractic when a hard fall on some ice resulted in hip problems.  NUCCA set everything on the right course again. Barbara loves gardening, hiking, camping and her grandbabies.